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Self-learning for Personal Development

Learning is a life-long process! One that should not be limited to the particulars of age, location or certifications. You could be a teacher looking for relevant teaching resources or a mum, upgrading your information with changing times. Our Creative Commons Certified content provides you complete freedom to use these resources and make best use of your time & resources... one bite at a time!

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This New Year Invest in YOU!

Self-learn for Personal Development this new year 2023!

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Looking for Quick reference Posters / Pictures for your Classroom? This section provides you with a ready collection for education & learning purposes only.


Quick and easy calculators for your projects! So, go on and concentrate on your self-learning projects while our calculators take care of the little computations you need!


OMEMY- The Premise

Self-Learning for Personal Development... One Bite at a Time!

Do you think have you been left out of the learning curve because that coveted information was wrapped in an expensive course that demanded loads of time, commute & resources? At OMEMY we provide bite-size resources that you can access on any device, at your convenience & free of cost. Of-course, you can use them for context-setting in your classrooms or discussing novel concepts with your children. Let us know what are the new topics you would like us have covered. Or even better, if there's something you would like to share from your side with our wider audience!
Coming from an educator with over one and a half decade of experience in teaching, training & research; learning new concepts at your convenience will be a reality now for every seeker!

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