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Quick and easy calculators for your projects! These calculators take a step further in removing inhibitions and saving your precious time. So, go on and concentrate on your self-learning , self-development projects while our online calculators take care of the small computations you need!

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Fabric Estimation Calculator for Basic Tunic / Kurti

The calculator helps you calculate the total fabric required for your basic tunic / kurti as per your specific measurements.

Please remember to use the same unit (mtrs / inches / cms etc.) for all your measurement inputs. For ex. If you input the tunic length and sleeve length in mtrs (1.6 mtrs & 0.5 mtrs), the fabric estimation will be in mtrs and if you input measurements in inches, the calculator will respond in inches. Please do not input mixed unit measurements like tunic length in mtrs and sleeve length in inches.

Shibori / Tie-dye requirements Calculator

The online calculator helps you calculate the net quantity of dye powder and other auxiliaries required for a fabric dyeing project. Please input the fabric weight in gms (if your fabric weight is 1.5kg, please input 1500). Also, please select if the fabric to be dyed is cotton or silk and the calculator will suggest the suitable auxiliary. Finally, select the shade requirement between light, medium or dark. The online calculator will provide information about the exact amount of dyes & auxiliaries needed. To learn the process of dyeing, click here

fabric calculator for tunic
Shibori Calcultor

Selling Price Calculator

This online calculator helps you instantly calculate the selling price of your product. Please note that the currency should be kept uniform in the input values. For ex. If the material cost input is in INR, please add the indirect costs (total of costs like rents, commute, electricity, wages, maintenance etc.) also in INR. The wage rate should be provided as rate/hour, for ex. if the wage rate is 200 INR/hour, please input 200. For 'Number of Hours' section, please add total time spent in creating the product, for ex., if it takes 30 minutes to develop the product from scratch, please input 0.5 in the relevant section. Add the expected profit margin % and the calculator provides you final selling price in INR. The process remains same for any other currency.

Selling Price Calculator
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